This weekend, thanks to new BlkMrkt team rider Steve Bafus, we had the extreme pleasure to rock the Pita Pit's "PitaBeggo" for the Super Session and then a short road trip around some So.Cal. spots, Da Compound, Limonite park, and Hidden Valley. This thing was awesome, TV, DVD, surround sound, pop-out living room and bedroom walls and a much appreciated place to hide from the cold of Woodward's winter nights. Hopefully, you'll see us on the road this summer at your local spot in the "PitaBeggo".

Steve has taken to his new Riot frame in a hurry as he learned turndown flips and took them to the resi with in 6 attempts and pulled them clean. I didn't have a camera at Woodward so I'm gonna put up a few pics from our session at Da Compound. Thanks to Shane at Da Compound for letting us ride too. We attempted to ride Cory's trails but it had rained too much and we headed home to re-charge.