A day at Hidden Valley Part 1

Starting today I've got a few post I want to get up for ya'll with some dope photos. So here we go...oh yeah, these posts will not be in any particular order but I'll try to keep them straight for you.

Today I headed to Hidden Valley in Huntington Beach with Adam, Thomas and Steve for a much needed trail session since cold weather and watery eyes kept all but 2 people from shreding the Lavs during the Super Session. So, we were all feeling the need for speed and Hidden can provide plenty of that. Apparently Josh Harriogton, Allister Whitton, TJ Ellis, Hucker Mike, Fernando Sabat and Nasty had the same idea and joined the session. Later in the afternoon, trailboss T-Sage showed up with Kyle Strait and Nate Adams in tow to ride and dig. Since we just had a good rain it's a good time to dig and Taylor, Hucker and local legendary NW snowbird "Pedro" had started what I can only refer to as "Posh" sized downhill section that will test the wills of those willing to risk it all in the name of Trails. Can't wait to see that get hit for the first time!!!

A small fun session broke out with Hucker dumping huge 3's in any direction he wanted. Nasty was busting big corked flips of which I only caught one. Adam pulled everything from tucks-no handers, tailwhips, 3's and was so close to landing and a perfect 3 whip but couldn't quite get it, but the photo is too nice not to share... just imagine a case and then OTB.

Photos; Nasty Corkflip and Adam 1 handnocan by Carter and Carter by Adam Hauck.

Go ride.....