Happy Holidays!!!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday and New Year from Black Market!!! I'm excited for the New Year, its gonna go off. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit the Save Hidden Valley petition and signed. I have received a lot of good information and the help of a lawyer who is familar with land laws. He's definitely going above and beyond the call of duty for us and the help is much appreciated.
I wanted to share some pictures with you one last time in 07. Here you go...

Chris Soltau's beautiful Mob from Ontario, Canada

Another hail from the north is Amos' homemade propaganda... so gangsta for a Canadian

Help save Hidden Valley....

The long dreaded day has come, the day when the city come to tell you their tearing down your trails. All of your hard work, blood sweat and tears and going to knocked down because of the homeless and the other trash that infests our spot mostly at night after we leave. Please go sign our petition at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenvalley/

Send your friends and family there too, the more the merrier.

Here's a shot of one the tent camps that pop up overnight and draw the winners!!!


a few more from the DHS park

This park has tons of lines and you can haul ass!!!

Did you say bikes only???

That's right... Desert Hot Springs, Ca. has a bike only concrete park that kicks ass. Here are a few photos of Thomas and I avoiding the rain for a few hours last night. I wish I had photos of Keith because he's a sniper. Lines and transfers from every lip and bowl in every direction...SICK!!!

This hip was my favorite besides the curve wall at speed but the pics didn't work out.
Thomas tucking the step up and hitting a big gap into a STEEP bowl.

Did you say bikes only???

We don't need no stinkin' badges......

We got the .three57's in the building and ready to go kick some P Bike ass at your local spot. These bikes came out sick, and are now just waiting for you to give'em a new home... a good home with lots of dirt and exercise. So get to your local shop and tell them you don't want that ugly purple thing in the corner... demand they pick up the phone or call us and we'll call your shop for you!!!

Also, here's a custom built Mob for the guys at 1664BMX in Canada, that's right I said BMX... they had this sick green Mob built with V-Brake mounts. So, if you can't find that color you want, go custom.

your pusher

More from the weekend......

Here are a few more pics from the weekend... Duelling no foot cancans: Steven Bafus with a topside and Adam goes downside. Digital photography thingys: carter


This weekend, thanks to new BlkMrkt team rider Steve Bafus, we had the extreme pleasure to rock the Pita Pit's "PitaBeggo" for the Super Session and then a short road trip around some So.Cal. spots, Da Compound, Limonite park, and Hidden Valley. This thing was awesome, TV, DVD, surround sound, pop-out living room and bedroom walls and a much appreciated place to hide from the cold of Woodward's winter nights. Hopefully, you'll see us on the road this summer at your local spot in the "PitaBeggo".

Steve has taken to his new Riot frame in a hurry as he learned turndown flips and took them to the resi with in 6 attempts and pulled them clean. I didn't have a camera at Woodward so I'm gonna put up a few pics from our session at Da Compound. Thanks to Shane at Da Compound for letting us ride too. We attempted to ride Cory's trails but it had rained too much and we headed home to re-charge.

Hidden Part 2

Since I can only figure out how to upload 3 pics at a time... Here's 3

Adam 3whip to case to OTB... next time it'll get pulled. Hucker... Damn!!! Kyle whip shit kill it!!!

A day at Hidden Valley Part 1

Starting today I've got a few post I want to get up for ya'll with some dope photos. So here we go...oh yeah, these posts will not be in any particular order but I'll try to keep them straight for you.

Today I headed to Hidden Valley in Huntington Beach with Adam, Thomas and Steve for a much needed trail session since cold weather and watery eyes kept all but 2 people from shreding the Lavs during the Super Session. So, we were all feeling the need for speed and Hidden can provide plenty of that. Apparently Josh Harriogton, Allister Whitton, TJ Ellis, Hucker Mike, Fernando Sabat and Nasty had the same idea and joined the session. Later in the afternoon, trailboss T-Sage showed up with Kyle Strait and Nate Adams in tow to ride and dig. Since we just had a good rain it's a good time to dig and Taylor, Hucker and local legendary NW snowbird "Pedro" had started what I can only refer to as "Posh" sized downhill section that will test the wills of those willing to risk it all in the name of Trails. Can't wait to see that get hit for the first time!!!

A small fun session broke out with Hucker dumping huge 3's in any direction he wanted. Nasty was busting big corked flips of which I only caught one. Adam pulled everything from tucks-no handers, tailwhips, 3's and was so close to landing and a perfect 3 whip but couldn't quite get it, but the photo is too nice not to share... just imagine a case and then OTB.

Photos; Nasty Corkflip and Adam 1 handnocan by Carter and Carter by Adam Hauck.

Go ride.....