Tara's Road to Recovery at Sand Hill Ranch

This was the weekend for Tara's Road to Recovery 4X race at Sand Hill Ranch in Nor Cal so I packed my VW full with EZ ups, bikes, tools and t-shirts and made the 6 hour drive to the Bay area. The first night was sent in San Rafel celebrating mountain bikings biggest fan, Jessica Kohls' birthday in grand fashion with every Mike's Bikes employee on record. After a sleepless night on a tiny bed cuddled with a Syberian Husky and a hungover drive to the track it was time to race.
The night before I left on this here journey I built up a 2008 Riot to race on. I was so stoked on the ride and everyone loved the color. I always worry about my color choices.
The people at Sand Hill Ranch put on a good event with only one casuallty (Get well soon Mr. E). Quite a few riders turned out to bang elbows and practice their Bubba scrubs and show their love for Tara. I raced pro 4X in my factory Levi's and t shirt kit cause that's how I roll...
No, but really my 2008 BlackmarketX-FusionAtomlabDeityTiogaSDGShimanoE-13Riot rode good all weekend and I qualified 10th thanks to my new THEAdidasProTec gear ( how's my super cross sponsor drop class paying off?). I got 2nd in the round of 16 and was pulling good down the first straight in the round of 8 until the #2 qualifier cut me off in turn 1 putting me into 3rd. I got a bit squirrelly in the wind on the second straight and decided not to push my luck and shut'er down living to race another day. I had a good time hanging out with the X-Fusion guys and the Round Wheels family... by the way, if you happen to ride a 20, check out roundwheels.com. They're currently working on a freeride whee too.
My weekend was going swimmingly until I hit a huge peice of semi-truck tire tread at 80 in the dark. Nothing appeared to be wrong for the remainder of my drive sat. night, the drive home is a different story. 3 hours into my drive south the damage done by the tire became evident when my coolant alert came on. The tire had broken my grill pushing my radiator back over an inch, causing my fan to cut into one of the radiator hoses and dump my coolant on the 5 fwy... nice.
Luckily I found a mechanic open on a sunday in the middle of no where at 11am who hooked me up with quick fix to get me home and here I sit watching Super Troopers and writing in my blog or is it blogging, eh?

I almost forgot, Tara moved her leg the other day in the pool... Terrible "T" Will ride again!!! Love ya Tara!!!